Bible Study

Morning Bible Study 1~2~09

This morning our focus was on the consequences of sin. They are numerous & I am actually aware of them on a daily basis. I’m continually reminded of the curse on land in particular as my family battles painful stickers all the time. We even have them in our carpet from shoes that come in unchecked. Sin always causes pain. I’m thankful for all the reminders that serve as warnings to not willfully choose to sin. Praying that I can teach our children that the sin that may look pleasing @ first, will not be worth it. Really it won’t be me teaching them, but our teacher the Holy Spirit. So to put it better, “praying that I will allow the Spirit to teach our children through me”.

The kids are saying the Matt 22:37 verse on their own now but there are a few off words or order so I will work a few more days with them on this one. Braeden is saying “Worship with all your heart, soul & mind” instead of “Love the Lord thy God….” His version is good too! : ) Joshua is hung up on the 22:37 part. I’m just being patient & telling them that they will get it. We aren’t in any hurry to move on to the next verse. I’m just pleased that they are hiding God’s Word in their tender little hearts. 
This morning we prayed for Grandaddy as he is about to leave for Bangladesh this weekend on a mission trip. That lead to discussing missions which is so critical to the Christian’s calling.
Josh & Braeden’s prayers have been more detailed lately. Last night Brae prayed that God would bless the good food & vegetables (although we weren’t eating any veggies in that meal). And Josh always thanks God for his video games & asks him to bless them. 
On a funny note, during our study this morning Braeden blurted out, “My wife called Satan stupid”. I said, “Really? I didn’t know you had a wife. Who is your wife?” He said, “Ashlee” which is a pre-teen @ our church that he loves.

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