Bible Study

Morning Bible Study 12~31~08

Disobedience = sin = pain. This sums up what today’s story taught us. It is the story of the first sin & the consequences that it brought which still affect us today. It is overwhelming to think of the domino effect of that first act of disobedience. However, I’m so glad that God had a plan from the very begining to fix the problem He knew we would create. Jesus was that plan & the answer to the problem. I believe we could spend @ least a week just going over all the details of this story. So many curses & blessings come from it. We just might do that (spend more time on this), because in my opinion this story sheds alot of light on the big picture of our need for redemption…our need for a Savior. 

We are still working on Matt 22: 27.

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