Bible Study

Morning Bible Study 12~22~08

This morning we learned about the first woman being created. Also saw the state of freedom they lived in as they had intimate friendship with God, no fear of harm or death or sickness & no sin. 

We continued working on Matt 22:37 & praying together. 
Funny sidenote: 
Dad keeps a pocket sized Bible in his truck & the last few times we’ve been driving somewhere, Braeden has managed to get ahold of it. He then proceeds to “give devotions” to us. It has been very funny, but of course precious to my heart as well. He uses such big words like disciples but he kinda gumbles the facts up a little. The correct answer (in his opinion) for several of the questions he gave was, “Isaac”.  So we got those wrong b/c we gave the true correct answers. Too cute & funny is that boy. He gives us lots of joy & laughs!

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