Bible Study

Morning Bible Study 12~16~08

We learned that God is good, is love & He loves you more than anyone else can. God never sleeps & looks after you even while you sleep as even your mom & dad cannot take care of you all the time, everywhere. Then the story Bible talked of heaven where God lives with thousands of angels & other people who have died & loved & trusted God while on earth. Satan & demons were angels that were wicked & kicked out of heaven. They are the enemies of God & do not want us to love God & know Him. 

Still working on Genesis 1:1 memory verse.

One thought on “Morning Bible Study 12~16~08

  1. Almost forgot something neat that happened in our prayer time. I worked with them on bowing their heads & closing their eyes when we took turns praying. But the best part was Joshua asked to go first & he usually doesn't want to pray & says he doesn't know what to say. A big focus of our morning study will be learning how to pray & practice that by doing it.

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