Bible Study

Lamp unto their feet

God has really been “pestering” me lately that I am not doing enough to teach the children God’s Word. Nightly family devotions with dad have been going great & my flesh rationalized that it was enough & I didn’t need to do anything else until we started “school”. But my Spirit was saying otherwise. Finally I have given into the Spirit & I love the peace that comes with obedience. As I told a mentor/friend of mine, “I’m beaming & basking in God’s WILL!”

We began this morning. The plan is to do our study right after breakfast while we are still @ the table. We begin with prayer, follow with Bible reading & close with scripture memory work. I am using The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos. I love this Bible. It is told in a story format like what your Grandma would tell. I am so glad that a friend recomended it me as their family’s favorite. We are using Truth & Grace Memory Book 1 for memory work.


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