Those Teachable Moments

Braeden has lots of trouble swallowing wads of veggies. He gets it chewed to a pulp & tucks it in his little fat cheek. We always MAKE him finish what we’ve set for him b/c we don’t want him to give up easily just because it’s difficult & not be able to ever eat certain foods that are good for him. Anyways, today he asked Jesus to help him as he often does with pooping issues. After a long while he argued that God was NOT helping him. I silently prayed about what kind of response would be wise & was at a loss of words. Later on as he started to fuss again I believe God gave me the right answer. I said, “Braeden, God has already given you the tools to swallow your food. He gave you teeth & a throat. You just have to take what He’s already given you & USE it.” This is a lesson that we Christians can draw upon in many situations. Hope he’ll remember it next time he is wanting God to just snap His fingers & “fix” something. & I hope I will as well. ; )


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