T-ball for Josh ~ college scouts here we are!

“I believe that was one of the funnest experiences I’ve had as a dad,” is what Jonathan said yesterday after Josh’s first T-ball game. I have to agree that it was a highlight event as a parent. What pride you have as your firstborn walks up to the coach & says, “My name is Josh, that’s J-O-S-H” Then he proceeds to tell coach that he is “size four”. Pretty smart indeed & not shy in the least! He wasn’t scared, intimidated or even apprehensive to jump into a game that he knew nothing about with a group of kids he didn’t know. The sky is the limit with our positive, joyous Joshy. He is good at everything he tries & his adittude is a good example to all around him. He is such a special guy that God obviously has His hand upon. He did very well. Grandaddy, GanGan, Uncle Timmy & Jodi were all there to cheer him on. He choose to eat @ McDonalds after the game on his special day. Pictures to follow.


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