A sick bunch ~ week of March 17

We were all sick this last week. In place of “school” was lots of blankets, pillows & movies. One thing they did feel well enough to do is stick stickers on paper @ the table. They did alot of that. We took Joshua to the ER on Friday night b/c his cough became so consistent that we were fearful he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. His breathing treatments & cough meds were not helping at all. The Dr. said it wasn’t asthma & actually was an ear infection that was tickling his throat really bad. They sent us home w/ antibiotics & super cough syrup. They are doing fine this week & back to normal except a small lingering cough every now & then. Jon & I went to the Dr. on Monday with this same crud. I finished my 5 day antibiotic today but am not much better. I still have alot of congestion & a cough. I can’t complain though b/c I haven’t been sick in over a year with this kind of stuff & the kids are rarely sick.


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