Tuesday February 19th, 2008

File folder activity ~ matching by size

Josh’s math

Today’s blessing made me cry. I LOVE it. It is a blessing that the will have “hands that bless“.
” In the Name of Jesus Christ: I bless your hands. They will be hands that do kind things for other people. They will learn to work, doing all kinds of labor as unto the Lord. Your hands will be a blessing to you & to other as long as you live. May you prosper in everything you put your hand to do, & may your labors never be in vain. I bless your fingers today. Those fingers will learn to play a musical instrument – the piano or flute or trumpet or violin. They will bless the Lord & other people with beautiful music. May the Lord bless all your skills & be pleased with the work of your hands. Psalm 33:1-4; 90:17; 128:2 ~ Deuteronomy 28:8 ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12
We read “Play With Me” again. Our math file folder activity focused on sizes. Josh did his math work & wanted more so we did a 2nd page today.

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