Monday February 18th, 2008

We reviewed our shapes w/ this shapes poster

Joshua’s math ~ practicing counting & writing numbers

File folder activity for today ~ matching objects using pattern

Today’s blessing was for joy.
“I bless you with a spirit of joy because the “joy of the Lord is your strength.” I want you to be strong- strong in body, in soul, & in spirit. Let your joy come from the beauty of God’s creative handiwork. Look up at the sky and get joy from the beauty of the white billowy clouds set against the blue horizon. See with your spiritual eyes the dozens of different birds God has made for your enjoyment. Take note of the detail of God’s flowers – the colors, shapes, sizes, perfumes. See the trees. I mean really see the trees. Think of the purpose of trees in our wold and be joyful over the oxygen they are giving to our lungs. Keep your mind on the things God has created for your pleasure & let them fill you with joy.”

We are taking a slight break from our C memory verse this week. Josh said he didn’t want to work on it & I don’t want to force him @ this age in any part of our “school”. At his age it’s more just for fun & prep anyways.

Our new book this week is “Play With Me” by Marie Hall Ets. In this book a little girl is playing in a meadow & asking different animals if they’ll play w/ her. I asked Josh & Brae which animals they would most want to catch & play with. Josh said grasshoppers & Brae said a turtle. Josh already loves to catch grasshoppers in his back yard. He caught a lizard this last summer too. It was tortured & ended up w/ missing apendages. Soooo much fun. *mom is trying to disguise gags*

Josh did his math & they both did their file folder activity which was matching items by pattern. They also colored w/ markers & cut w/ scissors. We read the poem “Benjamin Bunn“. I worked w/ Braeden on his colors w/ a poster we have. He still has a little trouble w/ certain colors. (maybe color blind?)

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