Tuesday February 12, 2008

Yesterday we had computer difficulties so I’m posting Tuesday’s school on Wednesday.

We read “The Big Green Pocketbook” again. They did a shapes matching file folder activity. They both have their shapes down pretty well. Josh did a math worksheet. It was focusing on counting & picking the group w/ more or less again. We worked on our C verse again. They are both already close to getting it down & earning another dollar. ; )

I especially LOVED the blessing this time. Here it is:
“In the Name of Jesus Christ: I bless you with a good wife who will love the Lord & obey His Word. May you live joyfully with her all the days of your life. Because you will fear the Lord & walk in His ways, you will be blessed by God with a wife who will be like a fruitfull vine by the side of your house. Her price to you will be above that of rubies. A truly good wife is worth more than precious gems. May the mate God chooses for you show you honor & respect & submit to you willingly out of her love for the Lord.”

We played a puppies bingo game that they both really enjoyed. Pictures of our day will follow above.


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