Tuesday January 22, 2008

This week we are reading “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. A verse that ties in with the overall theme of the story is Psalm 90:12. It basically says that we are to number our days so that a heart of wisdom might be lifted up to the Lord. This means making the most of each day by being alert to the world around us & living carefully in the ways of the Lord.

Our Bible study today was about Jesus & the children found in Matt 18, 19; Mark 9, 10; & Luke 9, 18. Jesus loves children.

I prayed the following blessing over Joshua & Braeden today: “In the Name of Jesus Christ: I bless your tongue. You will be a person who will learn early in life to weigh your words & measure your thoughts before you pour them forth from your mouth. Your tongue will speak positive words that affirm & bless those who hear you. Your tongue will always tell the truth in love & will talk to others about good things. Your tongue will constantly find ways to bring happiness to others. Without fail your tongue will be used to glorify God & edify your famiy & friends. It will praise your God all day long.”

We are really focusing on learning honor right now. This week’s focus for learning honor is treating others as special. We will look for ways to show honor to each family member. An example might be this: “Honey, I made your favorite cookies today for snack b/c I know you like them. I wanted to show you honor.”

We also did Josh’s math book, coins, counting bears & play dough.

Yesterday we had an all day trip we needed to make so had no school on Monday.


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