Monday January 14, 2008

Started Before Five & Row today. We read “Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?” by Nancy Carlstrom. We will read it ever day this week (thus the name 5 in a Row). The boys love the book. We made “Jesse Bears” with brown construction paper, buttons for eyes & nose, yarn for mouth & I had cloth they could choose from for his shirt & pants. Mom tried to not help too much in order for their project to be their own. However I noticed that if I didn’t help some…the pants on Braeden’s would be half glued to the table. ; ) Josh & I worked on his pre-k math book. We practiced writing numbers & counting the items. He really liked it. While we did this Brae played alone in his room w/ transformers while listening to music. Oh & before I forget again…Jonathan was a big help today as he was the one who drew our bear for me to cut out. Thanks daddy!

Decided to start BFIAR now instead of the Little Hands Toward Heaven as previously planned. The decision was mainly due to the fact that I did receive my FIAR package & haven’t received the music CD to LHTH yet.

I had to tell Satan where to go this morning. He does not like the fact that I’m homeschooling & I’ll admit my flesh probably doesn’t like it much either. My flesh would rather send them off to others to care for & teach. However I told the liar that he might could mess w/ my thoughts but he would NOT sway my obedience to what God has told me to do. I wonder if there will be that spiritual battle most days. If so, bring it on b/c He who is in me is GREATER than he who is in the world.

Oh & I must share a praise report with you. God is giving us a car!!!! That means we will no longer be just a one car family. This in turn means I can get involved in the local homeschool coop which the kids & I will both enjoy. We probably will recieve the car around March & April. I must thank our dear friends Clayton & Mica for this blessing.


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