Family Time

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

GiGi & us

No school today! It’s Saturday & we have company coming. Grandma & GiGi (the kid’s new name for their Great Grandma Marion) will be here about 2:00 pm. GiGi who lives in Virginia wanted to see where we live & hear Jonathan preach in the morning. We don’t get to see her very often so we are excited to see her again. We got to spend a week with her @ Christmas in Texas & let me tell you, she is a cool Granny. She stayed up late watching movies with Jonathan, Troy, Megan & I. Her & Josh bonded well, but Braeden still hasn’t fully warmed up to her yet. It takes him a while to make a new friend. ; ) The other day Josh & I were talking about how when he has kids someday it will make me a grandma & he asked, “…well, what will that make Grandma: a “GiGi”? *hugs*

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