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Wednesday January 2nd, 2008

This is a pic of Josh’s “yellow blankie”

This one is Brae’s “Pooh Blankie”

Brae painted this pic of Sarge

& Josh’s rendition of Mator & Lightening McQueen

Today we finger painted, painted w/ brushes, played playdough, did ABC & 123 puzzle, & played w/ the sorting animals. With these you can count them, sort them by color & also by type. They get additional learning disguised as a video game like dad’s from their new “Smart Cycle” they got for Christmas from Papa & Grandma. Josh has about gotten it down. He had to learn to pedal forward to make things happen. Brae is still a little young, but does his own thing with the cycle. Hey, as long as he’s having fun, he’s probably learning something.
We started Braeden’s official potty training & began w/ a prayer to ask Jesus to help us do our best. So far no accidents & he’s earned 1 teetee sticker & 1 teetee candy. Hopefully things will be as easy w/ him as it was with his big brother. Josh was a breeze to train.

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